Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:38 pm

The rules are very important, and you must follow them at all times, no matter the reason.

I. Be respectful.
Treat everyone fairly, and just be pleasant.

II. No religious or political discussions
These topics invite drama, so I'd like to keep them away from here.

III. Conflict Resolution
This is an Internet forum, and it is inevitable that drama will ensue. If Internet drama happens to you, please follow the following procedures.

1. Notify Staff of any Issues.- If a member has an issue with another member (and this includes issues with GC staff), please bring it to the attention of the relevant staff supervisor by PM. A list of staffers, the boards they are responsible for, and their supervisor is available in Section VI.

2. Keep Disputes Private. PCFB strongly believes that issues between members or between members and staff are best resolved in private, via PM or e-mail. Keeping issues private allows the parties involved to consider the problems and possible solutions without grandstanding or worrying about “losing face.” This allows for the avoidance of public disputes, which is more conducive to reaching a resolution that works for all parties involved.

3. Speak Your Mind. PCFB will never discipline any member for telling staff something the staff does not want to hear. That doesn’t mean that members have license to be rude to staff, but it does mean that if you see a problem, you need to tell us about it.

4. Remember that Reasonable People Can Disagree. There are certain things that are black and white. Most disputes don’t fall within these realms of incontrovertible truth; more often, there are shades of gray. Reasonable people acting in good faith can and will take different positions even when looking at the same set of facts.

5. Keep in mind that not all of our members may speak English as their native language. This can cause misinterpretations to occur. If you have a question as to what someone meant, please ask them respectfully to clarify, before assuming the worst.

IV. Member Conduct

1. Privacy is sacred. And as such no member of PCFB should ever publish private correspondence or private matters, without the explicit approval of ALL Parties involved in the exchange. This includes public threads, PMs, E-mails, and instant messages. This includes member punishment. The staff do not want to flaunt the mistakes of others and, therefore, we will not talk about such matters with those who are not directly involved.

2. Bullying. Bullying takes many forms and can be far more destructive than many people will realize. Some people will laugh off the most vicious comments while others may be driven nearly to suicide. The PCFB staff reserve the right to remove any posts, avatars or signature pictures that are deemed to fall into this category.

This also includes being "elitist.” There will be members with various amount of knowledge and various interests, so please be respectful to everyone. We are all Pretty Cure and we ARE all equal.

3. Personal Attacks Personal attacks on other members are not tolerated, including on public boards and in the chatbox. Do not talk behind someone else's back. Administration and the staff are expected and obligated to deter any personal attacks.

4. Bigotry – PCFB is strongly against discrimination in any form. Anyone found posting sexist, racist, homophobic, religious hate messages, or generally hateful messages will be dealt with quickly and severely.


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